“Jon facilitates our Executive Leadership Team meeting with great care. He is calm and kind and asks great questions. He listens to the team while facilitating and asks follow-up questions to bring out the core issues. Jon is always open to hearing our feedback and helps us improve how we run our Executive Leadership Team meetings.” – Yuko Tsuchida, Hito, LLC

“I always let Vicki know how appreciated she is and valuable to not just myself but my team and the organization as a whole. I am learning so much. Leadership Coaching is extremely valuable for first time Managers and those re-entering such a role. Highly recommended. It makes all the difference when managing a team, large or small. Thank you again Vicki!” – MB, Senior Regional Manager, Real Estate Staffing Agency

“If you feel like you’re going through life with your breaks on, Katie can help! I’ve been working with Katie as my coach for the past three years. During this time, what really resonated with me is her ability to skillfully approach the problems at hand with empathy and insightful common sense. I credit Katie with a number of my personal and professional victories and I consider her to be one of my most valued advisors.”  – Alex Marinescu, President, Consumer Goods Industry

As a new person in HR, I found it really helpful to take the DiSC assessment and have coaching sessions to help me understand my profile and what it means and how to better work with others who have different profiles than mine. The coaching sessions really give a more in-depth understanding. – F.R., HR Professional

“Working with Jon this past year, I learned not only to focus on results but also to build relationships with my team. Jon’s advice helped me to nurture a high-performance team, opening my mind with a strategic thinking process that includes stepping back from day-to-day operations and intentionally carving out time to formulate long-term goals. The subtle change created a win-win situation for me to prioritize my time on the most important things while empowering my team to develop their decision-making skills.

When it comes to leadership, Jon has a lot of insights to offer. Jon also worked with me on time management to lead meetings more effectively and on succinct business communication to be more influential. I was fortunate to have Jon as my coach. He does not just talk about being a leader; he walks the walk of a servant leader. ” – LC, Manager, Financial Reporting, Credit Union

“Jon Lokhorst helped me find a balance between results and relationships. Through his coaching, I became more intentional about building strong relationships with my team. By enhancing engagement with my team, I was able to build and nurture a productive team delivering high-quality results.”

“I worked with Katie for two years in a coaching role. She is fantastic and I highly recommend her. She has a calm, thoughtful style. I grew a lot in the two years with her. She helped me help myself.” — TC., CFO, Aerospace Company

“We had a leader who we gave constructive feedback to that didn’t agree with the feedback. We were able to use some Coaching tools provided to us by your Leadership Coach, and the leader was able to take ownership of the feedback, which laid the groundwork for him to work on improving in the areas we identified.” – H.H., Human Resources

“I always experience you as having a true, genuine heart, Donna. The more I work with you, the more I witness it. You are so great! You give me support, but you are also honest and tough when I need it.”

“I have worked with Katie for the past two years and highly recommend her as a mentor, coach, professional partner/resource and friend. My past two years included focusing on managing stress productively so that I had better and realistic balance between my personal and professional life. Katie was also an excellent sounding board in hearing my ideas regarding developing, encouraging and engaging my team of Leaders. I am very appreciative of Katie’s strengths as an Executive and Career Coach.”