“I have learned new processes in my Executive Coaching sessions which have helped me to grow in my executive experience. I am amazed at the talent Donna has and how upbeat she is on a consistent basis. She is truly meant to be a Coach. She has guided me through some challenging situations. And, I’m sharing what I’ve learned with others so that they, too, may benefit with the wisdom Donna imparts.”

“Thank you for helping me achieve the objectives I defined at the outset of our coaching engagement.   It wasn’t an easy process, however it was valuable. As a result of our work effort, I am a more effective leader now reaching strategic personal and professional goals. Coaching works!”

“I have been working with Donna for the last couple of months, and I absolutely have loved the experience! She is an Executive Coach who helps leaders be more successful. She is knowledgeable, positive, motivating, and a joy to work with!”

“Our conversation this morning was so helpful!!! I had a fantastic, productive upbeat day!! I was truly in a great frame of mind, nothing wanting or pulling my attention. I was frustrated and you helped put everything in perspective with the perfect amount of truth, understanding and genuine care. You’re the best and honestly quite brilliant.”

“Donna is an excellent Executive Coach with a vast professional experience who transforms her client’s careers and personal lives with her creative passion.
Her ability to embrace each client’s case and abilities to help them succeed at his maximum potential is impressive.
My personal experience with her services could not be better, and I will continue to benefit from her coaching.
Highly recommendable for any professional who wants to take his/her career to new higher levels!”

“Hiring you as my Business Advisor is the one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.  Through our work together I’ve become clear about what I need to do in my business to be more successful.  I know that I need to keep my eye on my Financials and not beat myself up about them when they aren’t as positive, but see it as a challenge to get better.

I know that I need to focus on building relationships with my customers and potential customers so that I get more business.  I used to think I was bothering people when I called on them to tell them what I have to offer and when I stopped by to see if they had any business for me.

I now know that’s the only way to get there business.  I’ve also learned that I need to hire and fire “right” so that I have the best people working for me.  I can’t be the best in my industry if I don’t have the best people working on my business with me.  With you on my team, I know that I am on the right track to build the business I’ve always dreamed of having.”

“You make big problems into little problems and you make little problems into no problem. The enlightenment you bring me pulls the weight off my shoulders. I’m so glad I engaged you as my Leadership Coach.”

“People are noticing something different about me since I engaged you as my coach. They’re impressed by my resilience in facing career setbacks and my energy for creating a strong future for my career.”

“Donna provides great coaching and inspires change. I have enjoyed my time working with her and wish that I could spend more time so much so that I have recommended her to others and will continue to do so.”

Donna desires change in people. And through the use of timeless principals and her passion and charm, she’a able to get it from employees and managers. I was super impressed with her ability to take people where their managers wanted them to go, with a smile!