Again, thank you for the terrific coaching session. I’ve made so much progress towards my career change, and I owe it all to you! I see myself starting a new job this Spring. But more importantly, the change in my attitude has been like night and day. I often repeat some of your phrases whenever I feel my brain getting into a bad loop – those words just bounce me right out of any negative thinking!
I am grateful to know you. The Leadership Coaching I’ve done with you has been a life changing event for me. I’ve learned things that I would not have learned on my own. I would have just kept doing things the same way. I wouldn’t have recognized how to become a better communicator. I took the Dale Carnegie Class, and you’ve helped me really apply what I learned there. My coaching sessions with you helped me to learn more about myself and learn how to do what needs to be done to improve myself. I am now more confident and better able to build good relationships with others. Since 80% of a person’s success comes from Human Relations skills (as I learned in the Dale Carnegie class), I know I will become more successful because of the work we have done together. Coaching really helped me recognize and focus on what’s important!