I’m great at making goals and lists, but I get stuck.  Now with you as my coach, I keep moving forward.  I step back and think about what I need to do, what is really critical, and then I have a productive day.  I also make sure I get the rest I need.  I’m glad to be living a more balanced and focused life.

What makes Donna special as a Coach is all the resources she provides.  I could never have put my hands on all the information and articles she provided to me to support me on my journey.

Working with Donna Schilder as my Leadership Coach has helped me organize my time, keep me focused and productive, and create motivation for me to get my projects done. She has helped me organize information that would normally overwhelm me. I usually get lost in the details, but Donna helps me plan my projects and break them into portions that I can handle. She also gives me valuable feedback. I have been much more productive since I’ve been working with Donna as my coach.

Again, thank you for the terrific coaching session. I’ve made so much progress towards my career change, and I owe it all to you! I see myself starting a new job this Spring. But more importantly, the change in my attitude has been like night and day. I often repeat some of your phrases whenever I feel my brain getting into a bad loop – those words just bounce me right out of any negative thinking!
I am grateful to know you. The Leadership Coaching I’ve done with you has been a life changing event for me. I’ve learned things that I would not have learned on my own. I would have just kept doing things the same way. I wouldn’t have recognized how to become a better communicator. I took the Dale Carnegie Class, and you’ve helped me really apply what I learned there. My coaching sessions with you helped me to learn more about myself and learn how to do what needs to be done to improve myself. I am now more confident and better able to build good relationships with others. Since 80% of a person’s success comes from Human Relations skills (as I learned in the Dale Carnegie class), I know I will become more successful because of the work we have done together. Coaching really helped me recognize and focus on what’s important!

Donna is amazing! The positive energy she exudes is matched only by her passion for what she does! If I had thumbs they’d both be way up!