Katie inspires me. She takes a whole person approach to coaching and recognizes that successful career development is interdependent with healthy life balance! With her help, encouragement and insight, I have developed greater confidence and trust in myself as a manager and leader. I have learned how to be more open while holding healthy boundaries. – A.L., Manager

“I sought out coaching during a period in my professional life where I was not sure if I was in a position I was able or willing to excel at.  Arianna’s thoughtful questions, the inventories, and the reframing of my mindset helped me to turn the corner and confidently step up into my role.”V.M., Training Manager

“Chris is a great listener, she is great at offering suggestions and/or solutions. She also does a great job of being supportive and empathetic to what you are experiencing.”

“In today’s business world, having the benefit of an impartial, professional coach who listens and provides impactful feedback is always helpful. Coaching leads to better performance.”

“Through our Leadership Coaching work together I made progress toward all of my initial goals for Coaching. I now spend more time building relationships with my peers, staff, and superiors, which greatly benefit me in my work.

I have set aside time for strategic thinking and have used most of the strategic thinking tools you provided to me to shape my strategic thinking activities.

I recently sent my thoughts from one of those strategic thinking sessions to my boss and it was very impactful to our business.

I am also stronger at inspiring, recognizing, and encouraging my staff. And Coaching changed the way I look at myself and others in a positive way and impacted how I interact in meetings. I now do planning before most of my meetings and find that I am more successful at getting what I need for my department and in influencing others.

I also found documenting my Leadership Vision to be a very impactful activity and it led me to document the path I needed to follow to step into being the best leader I can be. I found your encouragement and ability to make me feel safe to be who I am, very helpful in our Coaching process and found Coaching to be everything I hoped it would be and more.”

“Donna brings a great many paradigms to bear in customizing a coaching engagement. She is very energetic, informed, patient and pragmatic. Her process is truly transformational. The path Donna created for me was exactly what I needed to move my career where I wished it to go.”

“You can’t put a price tag on the benefit one receives through Coaching. Working with you as my Coach helped me believe that I can lead at the top of an organization and to trust myself and my leadership skills more.

You created a sense of trust that I don’t have with most people so that I was able to talk about things openly. This allowed me to work on how I interact with people who are a challenge for me to interact with and find new, more successful ways to work with them. And helped me realize that not everyone is going to understand where I’m coming from, and that’s ok. You were a partner to help me see things differently in my work and in my personal life.

You also helped me negotiate the terms of my new job and successfully navigate the transition from one company to another. I found working with you as my Coach to be extremely helpful.”

“I am seeing great benefit from Executive Coaching.  I am also noticing that the other leaders who are working with Executive Coaches are able to have more productive conversations with me and that they are changing for the better.”

“My experience with Donna’s Executive Coaching was outstanding. She brought clarity to challenging situations and aided me to develop new skills and insight into myself and those who I work with. Thank you Donna!”

“Working with Donna has helped me become less permissive with my staff and hold them more accountable, create more clarity when assigning work to my staff, delegate more, and be more decisive in handling performance issues. In our work together I have also learned to stay more neutral when handling conflict and better manage the speed of change in the organization. I found Executive Coaching very helpful.”