“What I really love about your appearance on Dave’s podcast is that you sound so professional and so honest in the same time. It is a pleasure to listen.”

“Your offering of the ICF LA Teleclass of “Designing Impactful “Learning Style”-Based Actions” is powerful and generous and relevant. You are truly a creator and deliverer of value! Thank you for sharing and thank you for all you contribute to our Coaching profession and community.”

“Donna has unique insights into the benefits and impacts of coaching professionals on how to utilize their LinkedIn Profile. On a one-to-one coaching basis and as a speaker, Donna demonstrates her knowledge, enthusiasm and practical advice as she enables professionals in presenting their talents, capabilities and experience.

Donna stands out with her distinctive style and expertise, I would highly recommend her as a Career Coach to accelerate your career and networking reach using LinkedIn.”

“First of all, your TV appearance was excellent!! You were calm, inviting, kind, interesting, informational, natural, conversational – pretty much everything I would like to convey – I give you 5 stars!!”

“Donna, I loved your TV show! You were so relaxed and natural..a true professional. Your conversation with the host was as casual as any conversation that I have ever had with you, only you did it on camera. Wow! I felt like you were right there in my living room!”