“Katie Smith is an incredible professional coach. I hired her when contemplating starting my own business and she has been an invaluable partner along the way. Katie’s coaching approach in working through decisions brings out the best in an individual and gives confidence in the result.

As a part of the coaching, Katie is constantly supplementing the sessions with additional resources that are very beneficial. While this is my first time working with a professional coach, I would recommend it for anyone who strives to challenge yourself personally and professionally to become a better you, and I would recommend that Katie Smith is the partner to help you get there.”

“Donna is a ray of sunshine. I heard her on the radio and immediately she invited a connection. That connection has never wavered. It has been years, and still working with Donna has me learning something new about myself and what I can do. She provides guidance, direction, empowerment, and friendship. She is what mentorship should be about: Someone to go to when you have questions or concerns, and someone you can listen to whose skill just makes you want to be a better coach.”

“I have been working with Donna for the last couple of months, and I absolutely have loved the experience! She is an Executive Coach who helps leaders be more successful. She is knowledgeable, positive, motivating, and a joy to work with!”

“Hiring you as my Business Advisor is the one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business.  Through our work together I’ve become clear about what I need to do in my business to be more successful.  I know that I need to keep my eye on my Financials and not beat myself up about them when they aren’t as positive, but see it as a challenge to get better.

I know that I need to focus on building relationships with my customers and potential customers so that I get more business.  I used to think I was bothering people when I called on them to tell them what I have to offer and when I stopped by to see if they had any business for me.

I now know that’s the only way to get there business.  I’ve also learned that I need to hire and fire “right” so that I have the best people working for me.  I can’t be the best in my industry if I don’t have the best people working on my business with me.  With you on my team, I know that I am on the right track to build the business I’ve always dreamed of having.”

“First of all, your TV appearance was excellent!! You were calm, inviting, kind, interesting, informational, natural, conversational – pretty much everything I would like to convey – I give you 5 stars!!”

“Donna, I loved your TV show! You were so relaxed and natural..a true professional. Your conversation with the host was as casual as any conversation that I have ever had with you, only you did it on camera. Wow! I felt like you were right there in my living room!”

Since I have started working with you I’ve stopped letting fear stop me from doing what I need to do to advance my career. The techniques we’ve discussed help me jump in and make calls and appointments. Also, having the accountability each week keeps me moving.” B.B., Manager, Aerospace Company.

“I am so deeply appreciative of all of your assistance in getting me back on the road to having a successful business. Donna, you are an extraordinary woman. I value you so much.”

“You have really opened things up for me. I thought I was resourceful, but you surprise me with all the perfect articles, resources, and information you’ve provided to me.”

“Donna is a charming, organized, efficient, extremely competent individual. She has an excellent rapport with people of all ages and her communication skills, both written and verbal, are phenomenal.”