With help from a Leadership Coach, passive leaders can become more assertive and lead their teams more effectively.

This video is the second of two parts explaining the Assertiveness Continuum and how knowledge of it can help leaders be more assertive.

The Assertiveness Continuum is passive (left), assertive (middle) & aggressive (right). Effective Leaders strive to operate mostly in the Assertive range.

An employee may perceive that a Leader is being aggressive when that is not their intent.

Leaders can identify ways to increase their Assertiveness by taking assessments and debriefing them with their Leadership Coach.

Passive leaders often make mistakes that could hurt their employers, employees and careers. Leaders need to practice Assertive leadership in order to be as effective as they can be.

Assertive Business Leadership is even more critical today, with all the disruption in the marketplace, than it was in the past. Unfortunately, a lot of Leaders unknowingly use Aggressive Business Leadership tactics instead.

Assertive Leadership matters today more than ever. The speed of change has increased exponentially. Disruptors make services and products obsolete in the blink of an eye.

Leaders who aren’t assertive just aren’t as effective as they could be. Here’s why assertive leadership is crucial for your organization’s overall success.

Learning how to use the Constructive Feedback Model is an important step in becoming an assertive leader and great communicator.