Interview questionsBelow are some Air Quality Inspector sample interview questions you can use to help you prepare for job interviews. Practicing with a partner or your Career Coach and seeking feedback will help you improve your answers and get more comfortable answering questions as they come up in an interview. If you practice alone, answer the questions aloud so that the words come easily to you in your interviews. Try it in front of a mirror!

  1. How have you educated owner and operators how on maintenance compliance?
  2. How would you go about conducting inspection?
  3. What types of facilities have you inspected?
  4. What types of non-compliance issues have you identified during inspections?
    • What kind of recommendations did you use?
  5. How have you coordinated testing sources in the past?
  6. What types of reports have you written?
  7. Are you afraid of heights?
  8. Have you issued notices to owners and operators?
  9. How have you assisted in preparing cases for a Hearing Board?
  10. Tell me about the training you’ve performed in the past?
  11. How would you go about analyzing the cause of contaminant emissions?
  12. Have you provided court testimony?
  13. What investigative methods and techniques have you used on petroleum or industrial equipment?
  14. What laws, regulations, and rules are you versed in?
  15. What is the difference in how you would perform an inspection or investigation done at a commercial site versus an industrial site?
  16. How have you been involved in community education?
  17. How have you handled an owner or operator diplomatically?

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